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Pet Medications

Pets have the ability to enrich their owners' lives. Return the favor by keeping them healthy and happy.

Talk to your vet to make sure you know all about any medications they prescribe for your pet.

Dog Cat Pet Medications

Be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long you should administer the medication?
  • What results you should expect?
  • How the medication should be administered and whether it should be given with food?
  • How it should be stored?
  • Does the medication could interact with any other medication your pet is taking?
  • What to do if your pet vomits or spits out the medication?
  • What reactions and side effects you should watch out for?
Pet Armor

It is easy to fill your pet’s meds!!!

Ask your veterinarian to fax or call your pet's prescription to our pharmacy


Stop by our pharmacy and ask our pharmacist to request the prescription for you.

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